If you're looking for a hitting coach but can't get to our facilities, you are now able to work with one of our instructors from home! Our certified coaches have played & coached both collegiately and professionally. They understand what it takes to take your swing to the next level

Training Powered by Blast Motion

For those of you interested in taking their training to another level, Swing Center along with Blast technology will be able to provide you with:

  • A Breakdown of your swings metrics
  • Video Analysis and Upload to the Swing Center Database for 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Weekly At-Home Batting Practices
  • Monthly Challenges & Competitions

We aim to bring the best training possible with some of the prominent hitting coaches in the country right to your smartphone!

Getting Started With Swing Center


  1. Purchase a Blast Motion sensor from Legends or use your own
  2. Create your Swing Center + Blast Account
    • Only Swing Center Members will have an Active account. Non-Member accounts will be deactivated
  3. Download the Blast Motion Baseball App onto your phone
  4. Login to the Blast Motion Baseball App with the email and password you used for Blast Connect
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions to:
    • Register your sensor
    • Add your bat
    • Select your Level Of Play
  6. Charge Sensor
  7. Attach sensor to bat, connect sensor to Blast Motion Baseball App and start swinging!

Please Contact a Blast Representative directly for any questions about the Blast Sensor or Apps: 

  1. Email: support@blastmotion.com
  2. Call: (855) 632-5278