Our Summer Training Camp is highly detailed program and considered "World Class" because of 3 different factors, which when combined together, it makes for the best possible performance results for every athlete:

  1. Patented Equipment
  2. Proprietary Programs
  3. Qualified Staff

If you are looking for a place to become the best athletic version of yourself



Proteus Motion: On Day 1, you will go through a Proteus Power Test, which will provide a full assessment on where the weak points are in your body. From there, a strength program is tailor-made especially for you to strengthen each of your weaknesses.

Overhead Athletes (Baseball/Softball, Volleyball, Quarterbacks) will go through an additional Shoulder Scan so the proper shoulder-care routine can also be prepared.

*See the Video Explaining Proteus Motion Below

Senaptec: Every athlete will also go through a full Sensory Skill Evaluation. The Senaptec Sensory Station is a state-of-art sensory evaluation & training station which assesses 10 visual and sensorimotor skills. With the world’s only complete sensory performance assessment and training solution, we can determine an individual’s strengths and opportunities to improve sensory performance.

At least once per week, you will go through Senaptec Sensory Training exercises that will improve your reaction time, peripheral vision, & depth perception... all critical components of high-level athletics.

*See the Video Explaining Senaptec Below



Keiser: When you walk into our facility, you will see Keiser Racks, Keiser Air Squat, Keiser Air Runner, and Keiser Upper Body Machines where you will be engage in Velocity-Based Training (VBT) with every part of your anatomy, which will allow you to be faster and stronger with every movement you make.

•See the Video Explaining Keiser Below

Athletic Republic: You've never seen equipment like ours unless you've walked into another Athletic Republic or TOSH at the Intermountain Healthcare Hospital in Salt Lake City. You will train on with our High-Speed treadmills, Plyo-Boards, Plyo-Presses, and MultiHip Machines. You will be a different athlete after 8 weeks of training on our patented equipment.

••See the Video Explaining Athletic Republic Below



Sunlighten: Our Mpulse Infrared Sauna is the only one of its kind that offers Full-Spectrum Infrared Therapy with its patented technology. Although there are countless benefits from Infrared Therapy, our athletes will see an increased muscle recovery rate of up to 400%, which will have them feeling more refreshed and ready to reach higher peaks in the next training session.

∞See the Video Explaining Sunlighten Below


Hyperice: We have teamed up with the best recovery brands in the industry, including Hyperice. With their compression & percussion therapy devices, athletes will have full access to the Normatec Compression Boots and Sleeves, which will serve as your personal masseuse for your arms, legs, and hips. Prior to your training session, grab a Hypervolt Massage Gun to target tight areas to loosen up. 

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