We are on the mission to provide an empowering environment to inspire a generation through functional physical activity. For recent decades the gap between the youth and physical activity has steadily widened. F.A.S.T implements a progressive approach to increase physical activity/performance, raise kinesthetic awareness while using sports as its platform.

Through programs in which emphasize movement assessments, athletic development, injury prevention and confidence we develop the complete athlete. F.A.S.T, represents a natural four step progression too mold minds and bodies with our athletes.

Functional - Functional movement is the foundation, this is where it all starts. We as performance specialist must begin to educate proper movement behaviors, in order to do so we have to MOVE first! In all directions, efficiently. From here begins kinesthetic awareness and linkage to becoming an athlete.

Athletic - Athleticism is the use of physical skills or capabilities” After proper functional movement behaviors have been programmed, we can then begin to focus on Athleticism. Which entails, education of body control, acceleration, speed and agility, reaction and coordination. These are just a few tangibles to go along with athleticism, but our “A” focuses on more then just the physical attributes. Urgency , feel, and focus are instrumental components to becoming a complete athlete. Athletes must show adaptability at times of adversity.

Sports - The movement foundation has been set, from here is where we begin to transfer the sport into our movement skills. With a strong base and understanding of movement athletes can now apply this to sports specific skills to enhance performance.

Training - The final step of F.A.S.T development is taking the foundational movements skills, athleticism skills and sport movement patterns and ignite them through strength, power and speed training! F.A.S.T performance specialists design programs that focus on injury prevention, optimal performance and recovery.

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